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Product description

the Anfasky lighting kit is a portable led light phone stand that gives you plenty of choice with full bluetooth control you can take a selfie or control your settings and more from a comfortable distance and position remain confident knowing all situations are covered by light!

  • easy overhead shots and multi-angle filming with 360 tilt and pan.
    great for cooking arts and crafts videos or photos.

  • adjust the colors degree of tilt dimming brightness gradient fade flash and more!

  • double light stand with 3 adjustable light settings:
  •  cool light:setting perfect for nails and jewelry photos.
  • warm light: which is the perfect setting for food and beverage videos and arts and crafts or diy photos.

  • neutral white: which works for everything especially makeup.


  • the cell phone clip can be rotated to different angles flexibly because pf the strong grip you don't have to worry the phone will drop down the phone holder is compatible with most mobile phones 

  • this phone stand is game changer! it's perfect for nail art videos and instagram reels product photography and of course;YOUTUBE and TIKTOKS!

  • portable foldable and dimmable 
    3 brightness levels 
    USB rechargable (8Hrs Battery life) 
    360 Degree Rotating
    Bluetooth remote IOS and Android compatible



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